Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Very Angry Kitties

The kitties meowed to each other and glared at Patch.
"Meow meow meow meow HISS!!!" Suddenly, their eyes glowed yellow and a portal to another realm opened up, presumably the realm where magical bears roamed. (Please believe me! It seriously happened! Just ask Happy!)
Then, a giant bear came out of the portal. "Meow meow mew mya meow!" 
said Leaf.
I think he said "You must have a staring contest with the bear!" (I read a book on the language of the kitty.) 
Instead of accepting, Patch said "Nooo!!! I'll never have another staring contest with that bear!" And leapt out the window. He was forgetful enough to leave the keys there, so I reached over, picked them up, and unlocked my friends. 
It was revealed that the tiger in the ballerina skirt (who's name was Rose) was actually the owner of the three kittens, and heard that they had walked over to this house out of curiosity.
I looked to Violet, Leaf, and Sky, already back to their fluffy cute selves.
I'll miss them a lot, even though they've only been with us a few days...
So I watched Rose go back to her home, with the three kitties following behind.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sort of unexpected twist!

(Note: Sorry for late update! I had writer's block :I)

When I got home, I was devastated by what I saw.

Someone had trapped my friends in walls of phantoms! Plus some random ballerina I didn't know.
"Berry!" Yelled Rainy. "There's a key over there near the door! Grab it fast and set us free! You're our only hope!" 
I raced over to the door, but before I could even get to the keys, a lion with an eyepatch snatched them! "Not so fast!" He said. 
"Hey! You're the lion who stole my peanuts!" I said angrily.
"Yeah, and I need more. So hand over all your peanuts or your friends will never be free!"

"I have no more peanuts, thanks to you!" I replied. 
"Well HAHA to you! Your friends will NEVER be free!" Patch let loose a bad excuse for an evil laugh. "Hyaaahahahaaho–cough cough–Hehe...HAAAA!!!"
"Why do you NEED peanuts anyways!?" I asked annoyed.
"That's an easy question." Replied the lion. "I don't. I just enjoy being evil! MYAAHAHAA–" But Patch was cut short because of the sound of the door opening, to reveal three angry kittens.


Monday, July 23, 2012

The Gecko Tribe of Sarepia

Here I am, writing in this journal from behind a tree. Not too smart, but eh. 
The geckos are supposedly heading back to their gecko camp or something, I hope they don't see me.. Wait, they're not carrying any weapons, so I guess that means I'm safe. But aren't geckos magical? Anyways, the geckos approached.
I was just writing the date for my journal when...

"Hi there koala! What's that book thingy supposed to be?" 
Without warning, I had paced right in front of the gecko tribe. Curse my random pacing!!!! 
"It's my uhh... Journal." I said, slightly uneasy.
"cool newts." Replied another gecko, who looked like second in command.
"Why are you over here in the forest? I'm just a little curious." I asked.
"The koalas we meet are usually curious, which ain't saying much 'cause you're the first one we've met. I like eating crickets..." Said a gecko.
"And what does that have to do with anything, Leaf? Anyways, we're bringing water back to camp." Said the orange leader. "There's a shortage in the river over in the village and–hey, why am I telling you this? You could be part of a rival tribe!" With that being said, the rest of the group got into their gecko-attack 
"Naah, I'm not part of any clan." I replied, trying to sound as unsuspicious as possible.
"Tribe, you mean." corrected a gecko. 
A minute of awkward silence passed.
"Well, we should get going. C'mon, guys." Finally said the leader. The geckos turned around and headed home through the brush.
I left for home as it was late.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wandering geckos....

Lots of stuff happened in the past few days. Yep, lots of stuff. Which is why I didn't write anything. So I'm just gonna fill you in on what happened:

So... Uhh...I think I...Wait, no...uhhh...hmm..Well... basically nothing happened. 
Unless you count the time that... Oh, nevermind. 

Anyways, today I was taking a nice stroll through the woods.
I was picking some fruit and listening to the birds, when I heard a couple twigs crack. Being the scaredy-koala that I am, (Just kidding, I'm awesome.) I leapt behind a tree and began to panic. I pictured a giant werewolf jumping out of the trees.
Don't worry, self. I thought. I'll just use my mystical abilities to defend myself. Then, I'll fly away on my giant falcon wings. I know, I'm just a koala. But koalas do dream, don't they? 
But what came out of the greenery wasn't a werewolf, vampire, or anything spooky for that matter. What came out was a tribe of geckos!
From what they were saying, I could tell that they needed to get to the stream to drink. I'd better stay hidden not to bother them...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Violet, Leaf, and Sky

When I finally got back, I was soaked. I knocked on the door and Rainy greeted me by saying "Why no peanuts? Did the rhino run out?"

"Weird story, a lion jumped out of nowhere and stole them." I replied, out of breath. "Sorry..."
"Well, I guess it's ok. We can always get more later." Rainy said with a sigh.

We walked in and sat by the fire. Happy told me Rainy named the three kitties (who were currently chasing each other,) Violet, Leaf, and Sky. 

Well, nothing much more happened that was interesting enough to write down.
Doesn't look like this storm will end any time soon...

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well, I finally got to the market. It was quite a hike...

I went over to the rhino who sells banners. He gives a free bag of peanuts with every banner you get. No one around here actually sells peanuts.
"How much for a green banner?" I ask. The prices on banners change regularly.
"150 gems." He replied. 
It was awfully expensive, but I needed those peanuts. I handed him the gems and he gave me a banner and a free bag of peanuts. 
I thanked him, and started on my way home.

When I was half way there, a lion jumped out of the bushes and roared!
He then stole my peanuts and banner and left as quick as he came.

After a minute of being shocked, I sighed. It was no use going back, the market was closed. And I thought I saw some storm clouds overhead, so I raced back home as fast as a koala can go.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Three little kitties

This morning, I got up early to go water my garden. But I had this odd feeling that I was being watched...
After I watered the croc topiary, I went to go inside. But I still felt like someone was following me...
But when I turned around, nothing was there.
I froze for a moment, but then I walked through the door.
I admit that I left the door open, but it was quite a hot day and I needed some air. Rainy and Happy were playing card games so I decided to join them.
After a few rounds, Rainy reached into the snack bowl.
"Hey! Who ate all the peanuts?" He said.
"uh.. I swear it wasn't me this time!" Said Happy.
I looked to the corner of the room, and there, with peanut crumbs on their whiskers, were three purring kittens.
Neither me, Happy, or Rainy could stay mad for long. Instead we kept them, and I volunteered to take the long walk down the hill to get more peanuts. 
Since it was my fault the door was open.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brand New Door and Stuff

After a little less than thirty minutes, me and Happy constructed a throne out of some stuff we found lying around. 
Apparently, Happy is very skilled at things like that.
Happy even made a door!

Rainy the multicolored croc of the spirit world was doing this big speech about his awesomeness. Me and Happy however, weren't paying much attention because we were staring at the magnificent door. I know that was kinda rude to not listen to an almighty spirit, but the door was so pretty...
At the end of the speech, we heard a knocking at the door.

"May I open the door, lord of zucchini?" Asked Happy.
"Hmm... Sure." Rainy replied.
When Happy opened the door, there was an orange croc outside.
"Hullo, welcome to the magical kingdom of zucchini." Said Happy.
"What's this about zucchini? Oh nevermind, have you seen a multicolored croc fall out of the sky? I've hiked all the way from the castle to get him." Said the croc.
"Oh! So you must be one of his mystical spirit friends. He's in here." Replied Happy.
"Ok then. Finally! I've searched every place in Jam-"
"Why are you sitting on a throne, Rainy? C'mon, let's go back to the castle so everyone can laugh at you."
"Why?? I wanna stay here so these two can worship me as a mystical spirit more!"
The orange croc laughed. "Ha! You are about as mystical as that door over there. You're just a croc that let Patch the lion shoot you out a snow cannon to who knows where."
"So... He's not a mystical ruler?" I asked.
"No." Replied the orange croc. 
There was an awkward silence.
"Well, I guess I'll be going now. I'd love to watch you get kicked out, but I have things to do. Seeya." Said the orange croc who then left as quick as he arrived.

And so ends my less than 30 minutes of being a mystical ruler... Rainy thought. Happy asked for another zucchini, which Rainy handed over. 
Happy then quickly made a questionable looking zucchini bread, which we all enjoyed.
Today has been quite an odd day...

(Note: Zucchini bread is awesome.)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mira's Messenger??

(note: stuff in italics are the thoughts of characters other than Berry.)

Where am I? I should've never let Patch persuade me to get in that cannon!! 
It was fun for a few seconds but still! Now I'm miles away from the castle! 
This blue koala and pink elephant keep bombarding me with questions about Mira and stuff... Hey, that gives me a somewhat good idea! 

"Are you a GENIE?" Asked Happy excitedly.
"Why have you come to Jamaa, messenger of Mira? What is your name?" 
"Grant me three wishes! I wanna uhh... Zucchini." Happy said. 

Coincidently, the multicolored croc used to sell zucchini for extra gems, and always had at least 8 with him. 
"This is a gift from the spirits of Jamaa." He said and handed the vegetable to an awestruck Happy.
"Thank you... I will forever cherish this gift." Happy said.

"I have come along way from the spirit world and stuff." Said the croc. "And to answer your question, blue koala, my name is Rainy. And I am not a messenger, but one of the rulers of the spirit world. You should worship me and stuff."

Happy and me got to work on making a throne, all while Rainy took a nap.
It feels great being in charge.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Magical Flying Rainbow Croc

"Of course it is! Maybe..." Said the lion.
Rainbow didn't trust Patch for one second. That lion had a knack for getting into trouble. 
But before he could leap away, Patch put him quickly into the snow cannon and fired!

Me and Happy were absentmindedly looking up at the clouds.. 

We saw many shapes drifting through the sky..

Me and Happy could only stare in awe at the majestic flying croc. Surely, this being could only have been a messenger from Mira!
He slowly landed perfectly on our yard.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Big Pink Elephant

One morning, I was sitting at a table, and enjoying some chai tea. 
It was beautiful outside. The butterflies were fluttering over the flowers,
The birds outside were all chirpy,
Everything was peaceful. But then...

A random pink elephant just came into my house! Didn't I lock the- Oh wait, I don't have a door. 
"Hi uh... What's your name?" I said. 
"Happy. Cuz I'm so happy!!" He replied joyfully.
"Lemme guess, so if you're sad, your name is Sad?"
Happy didn't respond.

Afterwards, we somehow became fast friends. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi! I'm Berry. No, not 'Beary,' just 'Berry.' I'm an absolutely brilliant, awesome, courageous koala who lives in the grassy hills of Jamaa. 
I enjoy reading and hope to one day be the greatest writer in all of Jamaa!

Take a look inside my journal of WONDER and AMAZEMENT!
(I admit it isn't that amazing.)