Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rainy The Croc's Journal pg. 2: Okay, what?

Okay, so even though this is only the first leg of the trip, I've begun to get even more suspicious of these geckos. When they thought I was asleep, I heard them laughing really carefree-like, which was totally different than when we were about to leave Berry's den. Maybe they're just more relaxed away from "commoners," as they called my friends?

Maybe so, but it doesn't take anything away from what I keep hearing from them. When I ask them when when we're getting to the kingdom, they just tell me, "Be patient! You're not in that much of a hurry, c'mon, we're only taking you to be–" and then they cut themselves off and do that shifty eye thing that all geckos seem to do.


But what was even more weird is that I think their craziness is starting to rub off on me. Did I say a crazy palace guard? The so called "best of the best?" Who's trained mercilessly but still crazy? Yes. In fact I don't even remember geckos at ALL in the crocodile kingdom. Everyone was a crocodile... just me, and...

Ugh! I forgot to describe how their craziness is starting to rub off on me. Wow, I really am not getting the hang of writing. Berry said it was easy! I'm just rambling on and on... like I'm crazy.

Well here's the crazy part: We were just walking, like it was a normal day of the trip, when I turned around AND RIGHT NEXT TO ME WERE TWO GIANT LIONS and I ran almost up the tree with my stubby crocodile legs. When I looked down, from my slightly elevated spot, only the geckos were there.

Laughing at me.

I normally don't care if people are making fun of me, I just move on. But laughing at a member of the royal crocodile family is a great offense, especially for someone trained and drilled specifically not to.

Sometimes I think these geckos are much too confident to be guards...

Wait, is that a lion?