Thursday, December 27, 2012

Return of the Mighty Gecko Tribe

"Leave the koala alone!"

It took me a moment to recognize the angry reptile, but then as some emerald green geckos got in formation behind him I realized it was the tribe!

Remember the gecko tribe, reader? Huh? Huh? You don't? Oh well.

"Why should I?" Questioned the lion rather loudly. "You're just a bunch of slimy defenseless geckos!"

I saw the leader motion with his head towards the tribe, and faster than I could believe they pounced (yes, the geckos pounced) onto the lion's head.

"EEW EWW EEW!! GETOFFOFMEEEESLIMYGECKOS!!!!" Patch the lion roared. He tried desperately to paw them off, but failed miserably.

When the geckos didn't seem to come off, Patch turned back into the smaller blue-ish lion that I usually saw him as.
I guess he didn't have enough focus to maintain the larger lion shape.

As we were watching the scene play out, the bear who I unlocked from the cage looked at me, said a small "Rar," and ran out of the door and back into the forest. 

"AAAH!!!" Patch was still growling and flailing his paws angrily at the clan, but then the smallest gecko (probably tired) yelled, "We'll only stop if you promise to never steal our water or be mean to any animal ever again!!"


They crawled off of him and exhaustedly dropped to the ground.
Realizing that this was my chance, I ran over to the reptiles, quickly thanked them, and sprinted back home.