Thursday, November 8, 2012


Running, running, running...

I was running for hours, my claws really hurt. They're good for steadily climbing trees, but they do snag on leaves and twigs on the ground.

I got down on all fours and ran at an awkward horse-gallop. While looking dumb, it helped me go a little faster.

After 'galloping' for half an hour more, I finally came upon that strange, gargantuan mushroom.

I got up, and reached for the door shakily, but then stopped half way.

This could all be a scam... No one could be inside and I would have come this far for nothing. Yes, all a scam...

I was about to get up and run back out of cowardice, but then I remembered my purpose: To save that bear. I had to open that door, scam or not.

I opened the door quickly and peered inside. I wasn't exactly surprised by what I saw, but I was nevertheless... freaked out.

As Melusina saw me, she stopped her laughter to walk over to me.

Before I could angrily accuse the bunny, she said: 
"I knew someone would show up eventually."

And then, the rabbit transformed into a familiar lion with an eyepatch.

"You again!? I thought you were banished to the magic bear realm!" I exclaimed.
"I jumped out of the window, REMEMBER, little koala? HA!" He smirked and laughed venomously.
I glared at him with the best death-glare that I could muster. "Grrr..."

"I'm not even in my true form!" He smiled and transformed again, into a large, fierce, scary lion. Unlike any other lion I'd seen.
My eyes went all wide and I bolted to the door, only to realize it was locked!

I was surely doomed...

Patch's eyes narrowed to even tinier slits, and what looked like a swirling black and purple portal opened up.
"This is a portal to the phantom void. I want revenge... Jumping out of the window was the most humiliating thing I've ever done." He said with a glare. "I lost an entire KINGDOM that I had under my control! They BANISHED me!"

"It was your own fault!" I yelled, but I instantly regretted it.
"You just don't get it..." He walked closer to me, picked me up by the scruff of my neck, and carried me towards the void.

I flailed trying to get him to put me down, but it was of no use. The run here took all my strength...
I glanced to the trapped bear, he was looking frightfully at the scene. I fought up the strength, and (kind of lightly) whacked the nose of the lion.
"Eeew! It touched me!!!" The lion cried, and threw me down.
I ran to the stone cage where the bear was being held, and tried to pick the lock. 

Patch seemingly didn't take much care in securing the lock, I got it opened in half a second.
"ROOAR!!" Patch stopped licking his nose and came back over, eyes on fire. 

I thought I was doomed, but then...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Winner

When I woke up today, it was cold.

No, cold is an understatement. It was frigid. 
So frigid that I forgot I was a koala, and was certain that I was a lump of ice. 

There were icicles on the ceiling of the den.

I shakily got up and went to re-light the fireplace, but when I came, there was Happy and Rainy, sitting nice and warm. (Happy Jr. had left for the fall)
"Hey Berry!" Happy called. "Whats uuuuup?"
"F-freezing..." I stuttered.

"Berry," Said Rainy. "I have news, but it's not really that good. For you, that is."
He handed me a piece of paper with the headline "POETRY CONTEST WINNER!"

I had almost completely forgot about the contest!

I looked at the picture in the corner, and my heart sank.
The winner was that bear! It was my only chance, and I lost!

Here was the bear's poem, that beat mine:

Cherry Blossoms, by Bear

Rar rar rar rar rar rar roar rar rar rar rooar rar
rar rarararararrarr rar ra rar rar roar.
Rar rar rar.

"I cannot believe I was beaten by this..." I said quietly.
"Well... It could be really meaningful in Bear's language." Rainy said, trying to comfort me.
Happy looked through a dictionary. "I don't know about that..."

Rainy shot Happy a glare. "Well... It's not really about winning, it's about having fun." Rainy said to me.

He was right, but I was still sad...

"I guess so..." I sighed. "Happy, you have a dictionary, what did Bear mean in the poem? I'm curious."

Happy flipped through some pages, then stopped abruptly. 

"What does it say?" Rainy asked.
"I-it says... 'I have Bear captured. Come to the big mushroom and bring 100,000,000 gems now.'" Happy was scared.

"There's no way..." I said, I grabbed the big book from Happy. 
Sure enough, that's what it said.

I got up, and ran out the door, towards town.