Sunday, September 30, 2012

The contest

With my poem in paw, I headed off towards the place where the contest was being held. It was a long walk, for sure, but I couldn't miss this opportunity.

I heard that this "Melusina The Rabbit" travelled all across Jamaa doing this contest and gathering the winner's poems, to be put in a book. 

I needed to win. 

When I arrived, I looked around. It was sort of like... a giant mushroom. It was empty except for an orange rabbit at an orange desk. This must be Melusina.

"Hello." She said, a bit shy. "Are you here for the poetry contest?"
"I am, are there others coming?" I asked. 
"I don't know, we'll see at 3:30."

There was silence, until a few others came. Melusina asked them "Are you here for the poetry contest?" They answered, and chatted among themselves. 
As the clock in the corner struck 3:30, there were five people there, including a bear. Heeeyy... that rhymes.
She explained that she is traveling all over, doing the contest and gathering winning poems to put in her book Poetry Across Jamaa. 

It was easy to see each of the contestants were very excited. 

We handed in our poems, and left, anticipating tomorrow.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Poem

It started as the first cool breeze after months of heat,

Then a single golden oak leaf on a tree,

The leaf soon turns a vibrant red,

Then ghostly drifts onto my head.

I read my poem out loud to Happy and Rainy, they seemed to approve of it.
"Wow, Berry! How do you come up with this stuff?" Happy exclaimed.
"Magic." I said, proudly.
"Berry, this is pure genius." Rainy said. "You should enter it in Melusina The Rabbit's poetry contest!"
I almost jumped out of my seat. A poetry contest? Poetry has always been my hobby! There are never any poetry contests around Jamaa! This is my chance!!

"Where do I sign up?" I asked excitedly.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yep. There he is.

I opened the door to find a giant moose. I stumbled backward, not expecting this.

"Um... hi Moose. Whats up..?" I said, startled.
The moose grunted and moved a little, to reveal a very tired looking Rainy!
"Rainy!!" I ran to him. "Are you ok?"
"Yep... Just peachy... Well, much better than if this moose hadn't helped me." Rainy said.
 Rainy turned back to his antlered friend. "Thank you so much, moose." He said.
The moose did a happy dance, and trotted on his way back to Mt. Shiveer.

"So," I said after a minute. "What do you wanna do now?"
"Sleep." He replied, and fell to the ground. Happy volunteered to drag Rainy inside.

In the house, a little rock was rolling on the floor happily.
"WEEE HOOO!!" Happy Jr. cried.
"Um... Berry? Why is that rock rolling on the ground and talking..?" Rainy asked, slightly scared.
I just laughed and said, "Oh yeah, thats Happy Jr. And why he can talk? It's a long story..."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where's Rainy?

Hey diary– errm.. journal.– Me, Happy, and Happy Jr. have come back to Home Sweet Home from our tiring, almost fruitless journey. Before we go off to find the other Jumping Pink Elephants, as Otto advised us to do, we've decided to chill out at home for a while. None of us are really up for any more 'fun adventures.'

...Except, that is, for Happy Jr. who didn't have to walk at all for the entire trip.

"C'mon Berry! Please oh please can we find the other pink elephants?" Happy Jr. enthusiastically pleaded.
"It's Jumping Pink Elephants, Happy Jr.." Happy corrected, and yawned a big elephant yawn.
"Mehh ehh..." I groaned, sounding more like a sheep than I wanted to.
But Happy Jr. was persistent.
"Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please plea–"
He was cut short by not me or Happy, but by a knock at the door.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rainy's Journal: The Moose

I've gone from trying to find my friends, to wandering in search of places that might signal that I'm close to home. 
I look around at the terrain around me. Apparently I'm in... Mt. Shiveer? I've never heard of this place. Oh great, now I know I'm completely lost...
I cant even ask for directions because everyone here is speaking eastern Jamaasian. I REALLY should have studied this language back home. 

I collapse to the snow, my stubby legs cant take anymore of this walking. Some seals look over at me, whisper, then they shrug and get back to whatever seals do.
I sensed a shadow over me and looked up. There stood a... moose?
Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I've heard moose live in cold places... so yeah.
The moose ran over to a bunch of bushes topped with ice, then beckoned me to follow. I did, then he moved the shrubs and snow away with his antlers, to reveal a bridge!
Yes! A way out! I followed the helpful moose across the bridge, a little closer to home.