Saturday, August 18, 2012


We were instantly teleported to a clearing in a forest SOMEHOW by that orange cat. I had that nagging feeling that I've been here before...
In that clearing, there sat not a temple, but a small-ish shrine, a statue of Otto the elephant shaman within.
A statue, not the real shaman, but still, we all bowed. (Though Happy Jr. tried to bow, but ended up awkwardly falling on his face. He decided to just sit.)
"Otto the mighty shaman, I have a question for you." Happy said, a little nervously.
The statue replied!! "What is your question, Happy?" Otto asked. I kind of got a tad scared, but I wouldn't dare show it.
"H-how did you..? Umm...*ahem* my question is, h-how do I and the other Jumping Pink Elephants get back our former glory?" Happy said, stuttering. 

The Jumping Pink Elephants had glory? I thought all they did was jump around..

"The answer will be revealed soon, the other elephants of your group have consulted me too. Go back to them, Happy." Otto's statue then disappeared! I guess he's busy..
"..Well, that solves things. Sorta..." Said Happy. 
"Hey.. I think I see my house! Now that is weird..." I said. Now I know why this place seemed familiar! It was... you get the point.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rainy's Journal: Hiking through the woods

Well, this is a drag. I've been walking through the jungle for days on end, yet no sign of either Berry, Happy, or the mysterious Happy Jr...
I've also gotten lost too. You may be wondering "but you brought a map! Why are you lost??" Well... the thing is... I ate the map. Yep. I ate it. I've gotten tired of eating nothing but old zucchini. Bleh... In comparison, the map tasted much better, trust me.

Oh great, it's getting dark... I hope the spooky things stay inside their lair tonight, so they don't come out and eat me... No wait, I can handle them. Yep, I can stay a night in this jungle without screami– AAAHHH!!!! A FRUIT BAT!!!! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Quest for Otto pt.4

"GRROOWLL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY TERRITORY? RAAAAH!!" A giant golden phantom growled. It didn't sound that scary, but scary enough to intimidate you to run away. Well, I screamed like a little baby koala, (if someone other than me is reading this, replace 'little baby' with AWESOME SAUCE!) and my friends and I ran from the phantom to the top of the volcano. 
Up there we saw, of all things, an orange kitty sitting calmly at the top.
"stare into my eyes..." he said ominously.

We did, and we were at Otto's temple.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quest for Otto pt.3

Behind the waterfall there was a ton of volcanos. Yes, volcanos. One second we were in the green, peaceful forest, and the next we were in smoke and painful heat.
And Happy Jr. is just sitting there, smiling! He was in on this I can tell! Wait, that smile was painted there by Happy. Never mind...
And out of nowhere, a phantom materialized!

"GRRR WHY ARE YOU HERE? ARE YOU A JUMPIN' PINK ELEPHANT? HAR HAR HAR! I CAPTURED YOUR OTHER FRIENDS!" The phantom growled. "But they got away..." He whispered. 
"Umm.. phantom guy? Are yo–"
"MOO! HAHAHA!" he laughed mockingly. I was beginning to get fed up..
"PHANTOM DUDE," Boomed the voice of the Happy Jr. rock. "ANSWER BERRY OR YOU SHALL PAY..." Me, Happy, and the phantom looked at Happy Jr.
"Umm ok..." Said the phantom quietly, clearly a little embarrassed. 
"As I was saying, who are you?" I asked.
"I am merely a servant of the phantom lord." He said, backing into the darkness. "And he approaches..."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rainy's Journal: I cant believe they left me here!

Ok, so I came back from the art studio 'cause I gave up trying to draw an iguana monster. And instead of Happy or Berry, I find a note.



P.S. Happy Jr. says hi.

They left on an epic adventure to find a shaman WITHOUT ME? I have to go with them! And who is Happy Jr..? AAH!!! I cant dwell on that! I have to save them before the phantom king eats them or something!! I need to head off!! 
Heh, they left their map here. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Quest for Otto pt.2

We did exactly as Shiver said, we hiked for what seemed like miles through the woods without rest. Everyone was tired except for Happy Jr, who got to sit on Happy's head. 
Soon, we reached a dead end with a small waterfall, and I collapsed to the ground.  
"Yes....No more walking..." I said, exhaustedly. 
"I see a door behind that waterfall! This is a good sign! C'mon, Berry!" Cheered Happy Jr. 
I sighed deeply. Me and Happy reluctantly left the soft comfy dirt ground...
Well, I need to use my energy to walk through the waterfall instead of writing, so.. see you next time!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The quest for Otto pt.1

Well, remember how I said I had a map? I forgot to pack it.
You know what's worse? I only realized it when we were very deep in the forest at night, lost.
"I should have remembered! Arrgh!" I complained.
"I think I remember this place..hmm...wait, no I don't." Happy was about as helpful as a leaf blower right now*.
After walking around in circles for half an hour, I sat down beside a tree, and gave up.
"This is hopeless." I sighed.
"There is always hope, Berry. You should never forget that!" Happy Jr. said optimistically.
"I guess you're right..." I said. We'll just have to wait until morning i guess..."
"I don't think that's possible.." Happy said. 
"Why?" Me and Happy Jr. both questioned in unison.
"There is one thing I remember. It is a 16 day hike to Otto from here. We must make it there in 15 days. No more no less."
"15 DAYS!? Why?" I exclaimed.
"15 is rumored to be Otto's favorite number."
There was silence.
"Ok, now I definitely know there is no hope." Said the little rock.
Then out from behind a bush, a yellow koala came out! YES! Maybe she knows the way!

"Hi, I'm Shiver. I am one of the guardians of the forest and overheard that you were lost."
"We need help finding–" 
"To get to Otto's temple, you must go to the right and head on. No time for breaks. After a while you realize that the trees are in perfect rows. Go down the one that appears at the center of your eye sight. The rest, I cant help you with."
Before we could even thank her, she disappeared!
"Well... Off we go." I said.

*Leaf blowers are extremely unhelpful. All they do is make noise.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Jr. & the quest for Otto

"So... you're a talking rock?" 
"All rocks talk, but no non-rocks seemed to notice. So we get trampled a lot.."
"I'm sorry." I said
"Well, it don't hurt, It's just demeaning." Happy Jr. replied. "We stopped talking in language you recognize when we found that no one would listen to us. but I always remembered this language, just in case." 
"Before I wandered here," Happy said. "I was in a group called 'The Jumping Pink Elephants.'"
Despite that what Happy just said didn't relate, me and Happy Jr. listened.
"We used to jump around the village in weird costumes. Occasionally, other animals stopped and watched us, but soon enough, everyone started acting like we weren't there."
Now, this was starting to relate, but that didn't matter anymore.
"So one day, the leader decided to go out and try to find the temple of Otto, the elephant shaman. We needed to ask him stuff."
"What happened then?" Asked Happy Jr.
"Well, while the others talked to Otto, I...uhh.. I got lost in the forest and ran to the hills, where you were coincidently." Happy said. "Well, now I am reminded what my duty is as a Jumping Pink Elephant. So I must be off, goodbye!" He got up, and headed toward the door.
"Wait!" I called.
"I'd like to join you. Even though I'm not an elephant, you're my best friend. Plus, I have a map."
"Me too!" Said Happy Jr. "You were the first non-rock that acknowledged me!"
"Well, ok." Said Happy, smiling.

So I packed a little bag with my journal, and a few zucchini. Happy wrote a note to Rainy, who was still in the art studio, and we set off.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A rocky friend

Well, today I read a book, and Rainy was painting a picture, while Happy went over to the stream. He said he was going to look for rocks. 'I wonder why he wants rocks.' I thought. 
After I was 16 chapters into The Journey of Cosmo (The koala shaman,) Happy opened up the door, carrying a fairly smooth river rock that looked like it was part quartz. 

He then rifled through a box and pulled out a bottle of ink and a brush. I watched him carefully paint a little happy face on the rock. 
"Berry, I present to you... Happy Jr!" He said proudly.

"Cool!" I said. 
And unexpectedly, the little rock replied back. "Thanks. I think you're cool too!"
I almost fainted. 
"He learned to talk even before I taught him to say stuff!" Happy replied, almost as shocked as I was.
"Whatcha talking about? I've known how to talk for over a hundred years."
Me and Happy were silent. The silence lasted a while, so I used it to my advantage to write down this entry in my journal. Talk to ya later!