Sunday, March 10, 2013

Climbing Trees

I ran and ran, trying not to forget which routes I took to get to the mushroom. I couldn't stop running, knowing that with my slow-ish koala gait I could easily be caught up to. 

'Why am I always running? Running AWAY from things?' I thought. 'I cant run very well or very fast! The only way I can comfortably get around is from climbing trees…'

I got an amazing idea. Not AMAZING, actually. I admit I had just been too dumb to think of it before. I stopped and looked up to a large tree – oak, probably – quickly hopped onto the trunk and started climbing. 
   I rested at the tenth branch and let myself think of what to do next. I had climbed a tree, now how do I get home? 

   My first instinct was to just get off of it and go on the same way I came; on paw. But then that would be a waste of time. I didn't just crawl into this tree to rest!
   I remembered when I was in Appondale and witnessed a monkey try to swing from a tree to another. I knew I didn't have the agility of a monkey, but if I believed, I could probably swing to another tree just like him! Well, the monkey I saw didn't ACTUALLY swing to another tree, just another branch. But either way, it was worth a shot.

   I crawled up a little higher on the tree until another one was in reach, and then jumped as strongly as I could. I just barely reached the branch on the second tree. I crawled over to the side, but realized that if I got close enough, I could simply climb to the other tree.
  I  did this until I finally got home.