Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sleepy Summer Days

Summer faded and blended together as each day passed, making the days seem shorter and shorter. Although it was supposedly the warmest season, the skies were often grey in the morning and the sun only broke through for an hour or so during the afternoon before retreating back behind the clouds. 
The truth is, it had not rained for months. The immense rain clouds just hung in view always, casting a dry light on Jamaa below. 

Bored of constantly looking out into the grey sky, I spent most of my time in the Chamber of Knowledge. I did puzzles and read the old dusty texts that lined the walls. It's really fun, actually! *cough*getoffyourcomputerandreadabook*cough* I haven't even read through a fourth of the books there yet, there are just so many!
Although, I really would like if they added some more biology to the shelves. I'm getting so tired of finding no informational text except about frogs, butterflies, and pandas all of the time!

I wonder who originally stocked this place so full of books... 

Luckily, there were at least a few days with nothing but sunshine. I used those days to go to the village with Happy and Rainy. There it was always packed with chirpy bunnies, giant giraffes, and many other animals. There was always something going on and sometimes it got so loud, it was really a wonder how we didn't hear it from our home!

It was nice to be so close to where everything is and be unable to hear it.

Hang on a second...

Do I know that crocodile??