Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rainy the Croc's Journal pg.1: Through the Banana Trees

Just before I left with Pineapple and Coconut (evidently the names of the two gecko guards from my kingdom), Berry gave me this journal to write in everyday of my trip. It's pretty thin (but just enough for me to go to Crocodile Kingdom and kick the lions out) and has a drawing of Liza on the cover. Happy the pink elephant can be quite the artist.

Happy says he saw her once in the woods wearing a dark shawl like the one in his drawing. I'm pretty sure it was just a dream... Liza and the other shamans are all pretty reclusive. 

Anyway, dear journal, it's been a few days since I took off with the gecko guards at my side. We don't talk much, except maybe a few "are you all right, majesty?"s when I trip on a root. 

Currently, we're passing through the village and on an unnecessarily twisty route to Crocodile Kingdom. No one so far has given us a second glance, even though I'm a prince! Maybe my kingdom isn't that well known in this part of Jamaa. As the prince, I know we don't really focus on expanding our territory as much as more important matters. Like eating popcorn. Speaking of which, I haven't eaten any popcorn since Patches the lion or whatever launched me across Jamaa and into Berry's backyard. 

I miss Berry... 

But never mind that! My kingdom is at stake, and it's my job as the prince to stop those lions and kick them out!

But I do feel something odd around the two geckos... Like they're not really there.