Saturday, April 5, 2014


A month passed after that meeting, and as each day flew by, the truth began to dawn on me and Happy: Rainy would probably have to stay at the kingdom.

Perhaps we could live at the castle with Rainy... but no, I'm far too attached to this den to leave. Happy could probably stay at the kingdom... But in all honesty, I hope he doesn't. If he left with Rainy, I would be all alone again without any friends! It's nice being alone with peace and quiet, but not like that! 

Finally, just today the time came when Rainy had to go. 

It was midmorning, a nice one too. Everything was quiet until the guards came up to the door and called for "Rainbow."

Rainy snuck to the door from behind a potted plant as to not wake us. Happy was asleep, but I certainly was not. Without hesitation I got up to look Rainy in the eye.

"I'll miss you." I said.
Rainy nodded, but responded "There's no need, really, you know I'll be back."

Apparently, Happy wasn't asleep at all and jumped up at those words.
"Really? Yayy! In that case, bring me back something from your kingdom!"

A muffled "Hey! Don't order around his majesty like that!" Was heard from the door, which of course everyone ignored.

"Like what?" Asked Rainy.
"Ummm..." Happy began, to which the guards sighed. "Uhhh... Ummm... Wait, lemme think... Ummm... uhhhhhhh... uhhhh... ermmm... Uhhh–"

"We don't have all day, elephant!" Yelled the guards.

"Just lemme think! Ummm...–"

"Okay, I think I should get going. I'll bring you back something, like a feather or a jewel, I promise." Rainy said, and then took off.

We called "goodbye!" and "farewell" until they were gone.

"Well..." Happy began.

"I hope the lions don't cause him much trouble."