Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Magician's Maze

So here we are, journal. A few days after the most nerve-wracking rescue mission ever, and we're bored.

Bored, bored, BORED!

Can you believe it? I know I can't. Nevertheless, all we've been doing today so far is eat popcorn and fight over who gets to sit on the Fluffiest Pillow In The Galaxy. Happy claims the pillow really is from outer space, but right now we're too mind-numbingly bored to argue. Blah... at least Rainy seems to be slightly more upbeat.

"Hey guys... so... do you wanna go outsi––?"

Prince Rainbow was met with a resounding "Nah," from both me and Happy.

"Well, you're no fun. I'm gonna go outside on my own if you––"

"Go ahead," me and Happy said in unison.

"Sigh... Fine," replied Rainy, "but if you want to join me, I'll be in the yard."

We thought that Rainy would just leave us to wallow in our boredom, but in no later than 30 seconds we heard a startled "What!?!?" coming from the front of the den. 

Rainy poked his head in. "Guys, I think you should check this out."

With many a sleepy groan, we pulled ourselves upward. Happy fell over a few times onto the Fluffiest Pillow In The Galaxy. 

"Hmm... it must have some sort of gravitational pull..." Happy said into the pillow.

Ignoring Happy, I dragged myself outside to find–– wait, what!?

First of all, how did that massive amount of shoji screens get here? And who in Mira's name is that mysterious looking lion? The shock of it all pulled me out of my bored stupor. Happy was a different case and looked unfazed–– sleeping with his eyes open, actually. Creepy.

The equally creepy lion took this opportunity for introductions. "Hello, fine citizens of Jamaa! Step right up to Miss Magician Mysterious's Maze of Malevolence, the perfect place to get lost and NEVER COME OUT! MUAHAHAHAHAAHA *cough cough* HAHAHA!!!"

"Umm... Miss Magician, What are you doing here?" I questioned, trying to be understood over Happy's loud and unsettling snoring. 

"That's Miss Magician MYSTERIOUS to you, common folk! And why am I here? Why, I just wanted to share the UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS of my maze with you non-magical plushies. Prepare to be a-MAZED! With fear! MUAHAHAHAAAAAA"

This magician's "maze of horror" seemed more like a bunch of shoji screens haphazardly nailed together. From the outside, the only horror here seemed to be of the waste of perfectly good shoji screens. Yeesh...

"So, what do you say, normal Jammers? Why not give it a spin? See what interesting tales you'll tell... if you don't die of fright before you get out!"

"I guess we don't have anything better to do, anyway. Why not, Rainy?" I asked, curious to see what disappointment awaited us. Whatever it is, it's bound to be better than another seven hours of nothing.

"I'm not sure, Berry... I mean, what if this really is as horrifying as this magician tells us? It looks cheesy at first, but how can we be so sure? Plus, how did she build this entire maze in five minutes without us noticing? I swear that ten minutes ago I looked out the window and saw nothing. If that's not magic, then what is?"

"Eh... I guess another adventure is better than lying around doing nothing, huh? I know I'm going in. You can stay out here with Happy if you like."

Rainy looked conflicted before giving in. "Okay... but I'm coming with you! You can be incredibly reckless sometimes. You need some guidance."

I scoffed. "Sure thing, Prince Rainbow!"

The lion magician turned her head from whatever she was doing. "I'm glad to see you normies have finally come around. Enter... Miss Magician Mysterious's Maze of Malevolence! I'll see you on the other side... if you make it. MUAHAHAHA!" 

I was about to ask her a question when she vanished completely! Like a hologram, I swear! But me and Rainy had already entered the maze when I began to question the safety of all of this.

Suddenly, the sky was no longer blue and cloudy but violet and gold, stars twinkling and spinning so dizzily that I had to look down to prevent from falling over. 

"Maybe this wasn't a good idea..." I said.

"Ya think?"