Sunday, January 19, 2014


"I've been looking everywhere for you, Rainbow!"

I darted my head around cluelessly and turned to Happy and Rainy. "Who's Rainbow? Happy, any idea? What about you, Rainy? Who's Rainbow?" 

Happy and rainy annoyingly didn't say anything, only looked at me disappointedly. The orange crocodile swished his eyes back and forth between us and glared at us expectantly.

"Well?!" He asked.

Rainy stepped forward and I put my face in my paws. Duh!

"What is it this time, Alex?" Rainy (Rainbow) said to the crocodile, looking at the ground. I guess Alex was the orange crocodile's name?

"You're needed back at the kingdom! Didn't you know?! The lions have taken over and everything is in chaos! I thought you knew! You're the crocodile prince, for Mira's sake!"

Other animals in the market began to look and whisper at us worriedly. There was silence in the group as his words sank in.

I couldn't stand the silence and blurted out. "You're a PRINCE, Rainy?!"

Alex flicked his head towards me and glared. "Shh... keep it down. There may be lions around." He whispered.

"But Rainy, I had no idea that–" I was cut off again by my friends' agitated faces. "Oh, right.." I whispered sheepishly. "Sorry."

Alex turned back to Rainy. "You need to be back at the castle by next month. I'll send some of the guards with you, if you like. You and you only need to be there to restore peace."