Friday, April 17, 2015

The Woods

Hi Journal!!! We're running as fast as we can through the woods to get to the crocodile kingdom. Thanks to you, (or more accurately me) I've tripped and fallen on tree roots at least seven times, so thanks!!! And yes, I'm writing this while running because I feel the NEED to record everything in case these lions have more crafty ideas that will require me to memorize forest paths and stuff!!! I know Alex and Happy keep telling me to put my journal down, but it's for science!!!

So anyway we've been meeting a lot of crocodiles in the woods and we've found that most have been of the fallen royal family!! We've promised each and every one that if we get through this we'll gather up our strength and help save the crocodile kingdom from the destruction that the lions are probably planning under their rule. 

We reached the gate of the kingdom and I honestly had no idea how we snuck in there without being noticed. Maybe I was too busy writing down stuff here... Maybe Happy threw a rope around me and led me around... It is a mystery. Maybe it's because the lions are so big and we're so small! 

We snuck down this big dark staircase leading to what we assumed to be the dungeon, and right we were. At this point I had put my journal back into my bag and we began to explore the darkness a little bit, with Alex's glowing nocturnal eyes leading the way. Kind of. They weren't like flashlights or anything, so the light was minimal.

We looked around, but it appeared all of the cells were completely empty. That is, until we heard a very hushed call from a cell. "Berry! Over here!" and we followed to find... Rainy!!!

It was at that point where we stopped paying attention to the fact that we could walk right into a trap at any minute. We let our voices get too loud as we talked about our annoyingly endless journey to rescue when...

A lion walked up from behind us.

"What are you annoying creatures doing out of your cells!?" he said irritably and simply locked us up. Right next to Rainy.

Honestly, Journal, was this all for nothing?


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