Saturday, February 16, 2013

Intermission: The Gecko on the Ceiling

There was once a gecko. This gecko was no ordinary gecko, for he lived on the ceiling.

  Living on the ceiling may not seem of extraordinary meaning to you reader, you may be a cave dwelling bat for all I know. But in this particular story, this gecko shared a den with a large bale of turtles. These turtles all lacked the agility to crawl up the wall to the roof to eat the gecko, (not to mention what they also lacked was motivation) so he was safe. 
  The turtles found the gecko particularly strange. "Why doesn't he crawl down so we can eat him?" they occasionally asked. The turtles were also known to be quite dim. The answer they received was only spoken when one cried up to the sticky reptile, "Why are you up there?" The said answer to the question was told by the gecko, "I'm waiting," and the turtle asked "For what?" But the turtle received no answer but a blink from the mysterious reptile. At that point he walked away back to his bale.

  Then one day, the gecko mysteriously vanished from the den. No one knew why, and it's possible that no one ever will know.


  1. Hhaha! I like the dim turtles!

  2. Lol! "Why doesn't he crawl down so we can eat him?" XD Those are some dumb turtles... But I like them anyway! :) -lostfairy


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